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Why does this site exist?

How many times have you asked yourself, I want to make something different to eat, but what? Then you go to some recipe website and start looking at pictures of food. Hmmm this one looks good :click: and then the essay begins… Once in a land where all the adults were grandmas… Ugh what is this crap :scroll: :scroll: :SCROLL: Finally a recipe! Hmm nah I don’t really want that. Repeat.

I want something different, but I don’t really know what. Here is a recipe site with endless recipies. Do I want that? Hmmm maybe. What is this one? Ooooh this looks good.

Here there is only one choice made radomly once a day from the magic of the internet. You will come here and decide if you want to make it or not, then get on with your life.

Why bachelor chow?

This site is made in the spirit of bachelor chow from Futurama. If you are not familiar, it has a running joke where bachelor chow is kibble for humans. It comes in a giant food bag, you dump it in a bowl, add water so that it makes its own gravy, sit in front of the TV and shovel it in your face.

It’s the least amount of effort to decide what to cook. Now the recipe may require considerable effort, it will be up to you to decide if its worth it. There are no guarantees to the quality of the recipe either, in testing this once served up “Nigerian Snail Stew”. I said no thanks, I’ll check back tomorrow.

I hope you find some value in this simple webpage. I know I will, tonight I will be making a recipe this served up and its getting close to dinner time so I better get a cookin.

Past Recipe's

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